Sunnybrook Healthcare |OT placement intranet


Students undertake a one-week professional practice placement experience during which they refine and demonstrate behaviours appropriate to the occupational therapy profession. The learning objectives are for students to demonstrate:


  1. Professional self conduct;

  2. Self-management skills, (i.e. effective time management, assuming responsibility for own learning, demonstrating initiative and taking responsibility for own actions and responses to supervision and constructive feedback);

  3. Effective communication with co-workers and service users and ability to work as part of a team;

  4. Skills in effective client information gathering from a range of sources;

  5. Ability to identify a client’s occupational performance issues and assess the impact of environmental and social factors on the client’s ongoing participation and engagement.


How well you meet the learning objectives will be  assessed via the SPEF-R Student Practice Evaluation completed by your clinical supervisor (learning objectives 1, 2, 3 & 4) and a written assessment administered after placement (learning objectives 3, 4 & 5).


You will also be asked to log your work hours and activities, and complete the SPEF-R yourself as a self-relective personal assessment. Your clinical supervisor may ask to see either your work log or your reflective SPEF-R at any time during placement, including on the last day of placement as part of the evaluation process.


You will also be asked to submit the following items:

1. A video recording of your client interview (you will need to manage this process within your sub-group)

2. An audio recording of your stakeholder phone interview(s) (you will need to manage this process  within your sub-group)

You will be told how to submit these items at the start of placement.